The latest Facebook breach has impacted 50 million users. Anyone with a Facebook profile should immediately go to their profile to see if there’s an alert in the “Newsfeed” section; an alert has been posted in that section for all the Facebook users whose information was stolen in this latest breach.

However, even people who don’t use Facebook, or whose information wasn’t breached, can still be affected. How? Because the scammers could — and likely are or will be — using the stolen information to try and steal even more personal and financial information.

These scams could include sending fake emails to the friends of those individuals whose accounts were hacked. These emails might be infected with a virus or could contain a link asking the recipient to “click on the link” to confirm receipt.

Anyone getting this kind of email should be wary. Instead of responding to that first email, individuals should directly contact the friend who supposedly sent it to see if that person actually sent it.

It pays to take the time to be very cautious.