Graham Cluley has reported that the British Airways hack that was announced last month has just gotten bigger (“British Airways hack is worse than originally thought”; October 26, 2018;

In September, British Airways announced that customer data and details of around 380,000 card payments had been stolen between August 21st and September 5th. Mr. Cluley unraveled British Airways latest update on its website — after doing so, he ascertained that an additional 185,000 customers’ payment cards were also likely stolen.

This hack impacts anyone who booked a British Airways flight between April 21st and July 28, 2018. British Airways claims there’s no indication that any of the stolen customer payment information has been misused.

However, that doesn’t mean that some customer financial information might not be misused in the future. Scammers and thieves know that people often become reassured if there are no immediate and obvious misuses of their personal and financial records following this kind of hack.

Anyone who booked a British Airways flight during the April to July 2018 period needs to be extra diligent about keeping close tabs on personal and financial records.