There is nothing scammers and thieves like more than a headline grabbing event.  So it should come as no surprise that scammers are already out to try and take advantage of consumers’ interest in the Royal Birth.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has just posted a very helpful blog warning about one scam seeking to steal consumers’ personal and financial information.

The BBB blog is titled “Royal Birth Triggers Social Media Scams” (; under “Consumer News”; July 23rd).  BBB uses an example explaining how the scam will operate on Facebook.  However, the BBB blog also warns the scam isn’t limited to Facebook and could be spread via similar links on Twitter, other social media or in an email.

Here’s how BBB explains the scam as it happens on Facebook:

  1. A Facebook friend “likes” an “exclusive” video link that claims to be of footage not being carried by any media outlet;
  2. The link is to a 3rd party website that will be unfamiliar;
  3. The link has a “pop up” instructing the viewer that he has to “update your video player” before being able to see the video clip;
  4. Hitting “ok” results in downloading a virus onto your computer — a virus that will scan your machine for banking and other personal information.

Consumers need to know about these “exclusive video link” Royal Birth scams to avoid becoming identity theft victims. The BBB blog also has informative tips so consumers can protect themselves about these “click bait” scams.  Take the time to read the BBB blog so you can protect yourself as well as warn your family and friends.