Yes, there are no limits to the online scams thieves can create.  The latest one is very slick as it’s an email that will show up on your work computer and even appear to be from someone within your office or organization.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued an alert about this scam today (; “Email with “Visual Voicemail Have Scam Attached”).

How does it work?  Like this:

  • You get an email that looks as if it’s from Microsoft Outlook with the tag line reading on “Behalf of Anonymous Caller”;
  • The email will list a number of URLs and phone numbers;
  • BBB reports having seen emails that have an “Email ID” that looks as if its being sent from an email address from within your workplace;
  • It directs you to open an attachment that looks as if it will be a “visual voicemail” because it will appear to be a “.wav audio file” attachment;

The attachment is not, of course, a “visual voicemail.”  It’s an HTML link that will redirect you to a malicious website — a site that might scan your computer for any work related financial and/or other sensitive personal information you’ve stored on your computer.

The BBB article has an excellent screen shot of one of these scam emails.  As they note in their alert, these scams can and do change frequently so be aware and very careful.