Geoffrey Fowler reviews tech issues for The Washington Post ( I regularly read his columns because he provides insightful expertise. He’s written a column about the Amazon Key that I urge everyone to read (“Amazon wants a key to your house. I did it. I regretted it”; Sunday, December 10; page 1, Business).

Mr. Fowler’s first-hand ¬†assessment is very objective notwithstanding that Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post and is also Amazon’s Chief Executive.

His cautionary tale is important for anyone considering buying the $250.00 Amazon Key that allows Amazon delivery personnel access, via an Internet-connected lock, to Amazon Key users. Sounds like a good anti-theft device, right? As Mr. Fowler writes, that initial appeal pales in comparison to the reality that using the Amazon Key means giving Amazon ¬†the ability to become the operating system for the user’s entire house.

Mr. Fowler provides details about using the Amazon Key, his reactions and those of his family and — ultimately — their decision to stop using Amazon Key.