AT&T is taking steps to end the sale of its customers’ location data to 3rd-party service providers. This January 10th announcement finishes the process that AT&T had already started in 2018— it had previously suspended data-sharing agreements with some “location aggregators” due to their misuse of AT&T customers’ location data. A Motherboard recent report identified misuses of customers’ sensitive information such as being resold without prior authorization from customers and/or AT&T and the AT&T 3rd-party partners.

In its January 10th announcement, AT&T said it’s going to terminate all of the remaining agreements —notwithstanding the usefulness of any of the remaining agreements (e.g., providing needed location information for stranded motorists).

This is an important step in helping protect the sensitive information of AT&T customers. Other U.S. wireless carriers should immediately do the same by ending their “location aggregator” agreements.