I received a very authentic looking email that purported to be from AT&T. The message was that I had until September 30, 2018 to let AT&T know whether I wanted to stop getting my paper mobile phone bill and go paperless. I was suspicious so spent time the other evening on the phone with various AT&T customer service representatives trying to find out if this was really a legitimate AT&T message.

This was an especially sophisticated spam message. Everything about the email made it appear to be legitimately from AT&T — the logo; the typeface; all the information about AT&T that’s usually contained in its messages (paper and electronic).

So what made me suspicious? The link that was included that would allow me to indicate that I wanted to keep getting paper bills. The link contained the word “Septmeber”. That single error made me very concerned as I knew/hoped AT&T wouldn’t be sending out emails with that kind of error.

I was right and this was a spam attempt to gain access to my personal information. The AT&T staff with whom I spoke checked my account and saw that no such email had been sent to me. One representative also said that this kind of bill payment decision would have to be generated by me, the customer, and that it would not be a forced decision by AT&T.

So beware and be suspicious if you get this, or similar, email that purports to be from AT&T — with or without a typo.  Call and confirm if it’s legitimate and do NOT click on any links until you’ve done so.