Graham Cluley ( published an important alert for any consumer who uses the iOS app store. There are scammers who are using the app store website for various — and unfortunately, clever and successful — scams. In his “Hot for Security” blog article, Mr. Cluley cites the discoveries found by a security researcher (“Watch out! Scammers are making a fortune in the iOS App Store”, June 13th). I’m sharing the discovery so consumers will be ever more vigilant before buying something on that website.

Mr. Cluley included examples of several iOS app store scams but I’m just mentioning one in particular since it has such a safe sounding name. It’s an app called “Mobile protection: Clear & Security UPN.” As described in his blog, this app asks that consumers provide personal information such as contacts — an odd request certainly and one that should raise red flags. However, that concern might be allayed by the “free trial” opportunity to use this security app.

This is another entry in the scam category of  “if it sounds too good to be true, it is”. As the researcher dug into the app, he learned that it actually costs $99.99 for a 7-day trial and that it automatically renews. So any consumer who signs up for it could build up more and more charges before realizing what’s happening.

I urge everyone to read Mr. Cluley’s blog on these scams — don’t help the scammers get even richer.