The April 18th tax filing deadline is just over a month away. So it seemed liked a very good time to remind consumers that this is another time of year when there’s a spike in the number and variety of scams trying to get personal and financial information.

I’ve posted articles over the years about the various types of tax and tax return phishing scams. This year, I want to make sure consumers know about the newest helpful information that can be found on the IRS website ( Consumers should check this site to get the latest updates on IRS and tax-related scams.

There are several links with specific information that consumers will find very helpful. The “Tax Time Guide” provides an array of tax return guidance.  Under the “Scams” link, consumers will find timely updates under the “Tax Scams/Consumer Alert” heading.

Consumers will benefit from reviewing these IRS guides and updates. It only takes a few minutes and can help consumers take pro-active steps to help avoid ID theft and other tax-time related scams.