I’ve written before about ransomware which is an especially vicious attack by thieves and scammers. They capture a consumer’s computer, infect it and then demand payment before the consumer can regain use and/or control of it. There are differing views on what a consumer should or shouldn’t do if she finds herself in this terrible situation.

Graham Cluley has posted an excellent article by David Bisson on what a consumer should and should not do when confronting a ransomware situation. I strongly encourage everyone to read Mr. Bisson’s article since he provides a well thought out approach which is helpful to know about before trying to undo this type of terrible dilemma. The article can be found on Mr. Cluley’s website at: https://www.grahamcluley.com/how-to-respond-to-a-ransomware-infection/.

I hope no one ever needs this information but better to be educated about it then trying to figure it out when hit with a ransomware infection.