The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has just issued some very helpful guidance aimed at helping businesses address data breach issues ( While the guidance is aimed at businesses, it is also very useful for consumers as the video and guide outline the steps the FTC thinks are reasonable ones for businesses.

So consumers should know about the guidance and review it. Why if it’s aimed at businesses? Precisely because it is aimed at businesses. Consumers can educate themselves about what businesses should do if they suspect a data breach. That way, consumers whose data has, or might have, been breached can be knowledgable and pro-active in asking the business the right questions — starting with, “did someone in your organization get, review and then implement the FTC’s guidance?”

The FTC’s guidance is called Data Breach Response: A Guide For Business. The video and written guidance provides concrete and sensible guidance for businesses that might suspect a data breach.  It’s excellent guidance and will help consumers as well as businesses.