Here’s yet another one of those scam emails intended to make consumers get scared, act fast and give scammers personal financial information.

I got an email from “Chase” with the exact replica of their logo. The heading was “Account Has Been Suspended” and the email said that my online Chase account had been suspended due to a violation of the terms of service. The email included a link to a Chase site and said I needed to go to that site and confirm my account information.

I don’t have a Chase online account but this still gave me concern. I didn’t open the link and  immediately called the Chase customer service number and got a very knowledgeable customer service representative. He asked me precise questions about the email itself that conclusively confirmed this was spam.

Here are his very important tips about any legitimate emails that Chase sends to customers:

  • The customer’s name is in the body of the email. The email I got didn’t have my name.
  • The last four digits of the customer’s account will be included but only the last four digits. The email I got didn’t have any account digits.
  • Be careful even if this specific information’s included since scammers are getting more and more sophisticated and might be able to include some or all of this individual information.

He asked that I forward the email to the Chase security division that collects and addresses these scams — he said it’s very important that Chase learn about these scams in “real time”. I  forwarded the email to: I got an automatic reply which repeated what I had heard and said Chase customers should call the customer service number or contact them ( about any suspicious emails.