Encryption is becoming the accepted default for many devices — and increasingly important given the never ending reports of devices being hacked.

Andy Greenberg wrote a very helpful article in Wired online about steps for making sure encrypted phone messages continue to stay encrypted (“Two Tips To Keep Your Phone’s Encrypted Messages Encrypted”; April 26, http://www.wired com/2016/04/tips-for-encrypted-messages/).

In his article, Mr. Greenberg focuses on two applications that are now being widely used for encrypting phone messages, i.e., WhatsApp and Viber. He outlines the two tips in clear step-by-step language. Equally useful, he highlights additional steps that iPhone users need to take.  Why? Because some of the encryption’s protections can be lost when users back up data to the cloud.

His article is worthwhile for anyone currently encrypting phone messages. It’s equally worthwhile for individuals who aren’t encrypting phone messages as he identifies critical reasons for doing so.