Verizon customers need to educate themselves about the ways in which Verizon plans on using their data. For those customers who receive paper bills, that information is outlined in an insert included in a recent bill. Customers who receive and pay their bills online may not have gotten this same information — but it’s information about which all Verizon customers need to be aware.

The insert is titled: “Need-to-Know Information” and it describes the ways in which Verizon plans on using and sharing the customer proprietary network information (CPNI) of its residential, small and medium sized business customers.  What is CPNI? Per Verizon, customers’ CPNI refers to the “…type, quantity, destination, technical configuration, location, amount of use, and billing information of your telecommunications or interconnected VoIP services.” In other words, a massive amount of detailed personal customer information.

Why is this issue important? Because Verizon states that it will use and share customers CPNI with its affiliates and agents for marketing purposes. The customer data will be used to market products to Verizon customers that are different than the products customers have already purchased from them. What kind of services and products? Per the insert, this could be video or wireless or Internet and long distance services.

Verizon will start using customers CPNI for these marketing purposes within 30 days of notifying customers about this CPNI policy.

Verizon customers who don’t want their personal CPNI shared and used for marketing can opt out by calling 1-866-483-9700.  It’s a recorded message and customers need to have their Verizon bill and account number available when doing so.