Millions of current and former federal employees have received letters letting them know that their personal information was hacked during the two recent incidents.  So if you’re a former or current federal employee and haven’t gotten a letter, are you in the clear?

The answer, sadly, is “no.”  Beth Cobert, Acting OPM Director, posted a blog on the OPM website on December 1st in which she provides an update (; “New Cybersecurity Resource Launches”). In her blog, Ms. Cobert wrote that current or former federal employees who think their data might have been stolen, but who haven’t yet been so informed, need to know about the verification center OPM has just implemented.  She urges anyone who hasn’t received a letter by the middle of December to use the verification center.

Using the verification center will enable OPM to start an investigation into whether a current or federal employee’s data has been hacked.  In order to use the verification center, an individual will need to provide such personal information as his or her name, SSN and other data.  To get started, an individual can do so either by going to the verification center website:; or by calling one of the OPM agents.  The agents are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Eastern time; that toll-free number is: 1-866-408-4555.

Additional background and information can be found in Ms. Cobert’s blog.

Bottom line: the fallout from the OPM hacks isn’t over yet.