There have been multiple stories in the media about what Yahoo is doing with some of its email users.  If you use Yahoo email, you may have already experienced this.

In what it claims is a limited test, Yahoo is preventing some of its Yahoo email users from getting to their emails if they’ve got ad blocking software turned on.  Yahoo may think this is an important business model.  Yahoo Mail users might think otherwise.

Individuals should have the ability to use or not use ad blocking software.  Many online entities alert users that they won’t be able to gain access to the content if ad blockers are on.  That kind of “heads up”alert allows individuals to decide if they want to either turn off their ad blocking software to gain access or to go to another site — but at least it’s the users’ option.

The Yahoo experiment doesn’t give users this option.  For that, and other reasons, Yahoo has earned “boos” from a consumer viewpoint.