People still like sending postcards which is the innovative service provided by the online service Touchnote.  Registered users send digital photos to Touchnote which then converts them into hard copy postcards that get sent to individuals designated by the registered user.

Touchnote learned on November 4th that it had been hacked.  As reported by Graham Cluley, Touchnote sent an alert to its registered users warning them of the hack and strongly recommending that they change their Touchnote passwords (; “Touchnote hacked –tells users to reset their passwords”; November 6).

Per the Touchnote email alert (reprinted in Mr. Cluley’s report),  hackers accessed users’ names, email and postal addresses, and their order histories.  Touchnote doesn’t store credit and debit card numbers, or their expiration dates or security codes.  Additionally, Touchnote encrypts users’ passwords and doesn’t reveal them in plain text. Nonetheless, Touchnote still strongly recommended that users pick new passwords.

Touchnote also recommended that users keep close tabs on their credit and debit card statements.  That and changing passwords is always sound advice when this kind of hacking occurs.