Here’s yet one more example of the “if it seems too good to be true, it is” type of scam.  Graham Cluley recently wrote about this scam that’s been appearing on a bogus Facebook page (; “No, British Airways isn’t giving away free flights for a year.  It’s a Facebook scam.”; September 8th).  Hopefully it will be removed soon by Facebook security staff.

This is an especially appealing scam right after Labor Day.  People are going back to work and might already be thinking about when they can next take a vacation.  This scam plays right into those feelings.  Mr. Cluley posted a screenshot of the fake Facebook page — it looks very realistic.

How to get the year of free flights? Mr. Cluley notes that the bogus website page says people can do so by sharing a photo of themselves.  As Mr. Cluley wisely advises  — don’t do it!  He cautions that doing so could result in unwanted spam messages or   “…dodgy links that could lead to a malware infection or your account being phished.”

So avoid this scam or any variations of it on Facebook or elsewhere.