Those of you who use Spotify will want to make sure you read and understand its Privacy Policy.  As Paul Ducklin reports, Spotify has had to explain what it really was going to be doing with users’ information (; “Spotify explains its new “give us your data” policy”; August 24).

As Mr. Ducklin writes, there was understandable concern about Spotify’s original Privacy Policy.  As written, Spotify’s policy seemed to say it would  start collecting information from and about users that it hadn’t done previously.  The policy also implied Spotify would do so without having to ask users’ permission before doing so.

Spotify’s executive issued a fast “no that’s not what we will be doing” message as soon as the confusion and concerns were raised.  In their message, included in Mr. Ducklin’s article, Spotify clarifies their Privacy Policy.  Yes, they reserve the right to gather up information they hadn’t done before (e.g., photos, mobile device location) but would not do so without having asked for, and gotten, users’ express permission before accessing any of this data.

That’s a welcome clarification.  As Mr. Ducklin notes in his article, just another reminder that individuals need to be on the alert for updates and changes to a company’s Privacy Policy.