I’ve written before about Facebook’s privacy settings, new features that have been added, and the need for Facebook users to stay current with those changes.  I want to share a very helpful article by Gordon Gottsegen in Wired about this very topic.  His article is titled “Here’s How To Use Facebook’s Mystifying Privacy Settings.” (www.wired.com; August 11th).

In his article, Mr. Gottsegen urges users to keep current with the regularly updated Facebook data policy.  He cites the Facebook “Privacy Basics” as an excellent feature to help users understand and better use their privacy settings.  Next, he provides a great explanation of the most important privacy settings; tips for the best way to use them; and screen shots for each setting.

He groups the settings under the following 3 headings: “Decide Which Facebook Friends See What”; “Use Friend List”; and “Manage Applications and Outside Data”.  His explanations are informative and well written so his suggestions are very user-friendly.

I encourage Facebook users to read Mr. Gottsegen’s article.  He’s provided a great resource so Facebook users can adjust their privacy settings to their respective comfort levels.