Over the last few days, there have been numerous media sources reporting the major security flaw and security risks in Samsung mobile devices.  I urge anyone who has a Samsung mobile device to keep posted on this matter.   I read the NowSecure blog on this issue and they have a list as of June 16th of impacted devices by carrier with the status of their security patch status ((www.nowsecure.com;  go to the “How to Detect It” subheading in the blog titled”Samsung Keyboard Security Risk Disclosed: Over 600M+ Devices Worldwide Impacted”). In a nutshell: NowSecure, a security research firm, has found a security flaw in the Samsung keyboard that could impact over 600 million Samsung mobile devices.  One report, by Graham Cluley, describes the flaw as including Samsung’s latest device, the GalaxyS6 iPhone (www.hotforsecurity.com; “Samsung Galaxy phones at risk from massive security flaw”; June 17).  As Mr. Cluley and others have warned, the flaw could allow hackers to gain access remotely to a Samsung device and allow the hackers to spy through the camera or the microphone, to track the Samsung user’s physical location via GPS, to install malicious applications, to steal information or even to listen in on the user’s messages and voice calls — all without the user’s knowledge. Samsung is reporting that it believes it has a possible patch for the problem and that the patch has been deployed to carriers.  However, per Mr. Cluley, it is difficult for mobile device users to know whether their carrier has patched the problem.  Again, another reason to check the NowSecure website for updates.