Facebook announced in a June 1st blog that it will be gradually rolling out a new email feature for its users.  The feature will allow Facebook users to add public keys to their Facebook profile.  What is the feature and what will these keys do?

The new feature is OpenPGP public keys — using these creates “end to end” encryption notification emails sent by Facebook to the user’s preferred email accounts.  Facebook is implementing this feature so the content of email notifications from Facebook to the user can be encrypted for greater privacy and security.

As noted in the blog, users will be able to update their own public key using a desktop browser.  The blog also includes a link to an Electronic Frontier Foundation resource that offers an introduction on using OpenPGP technology.

The public key management can’t yet be supported on mobile devices although Facebook said in its blog that it’s investigating ways to enable this.

Facebook users will want to read this June 1st announcement and keep alert for its implementation.