I’ve previously alerted consumers to check the ATM machines at their financial institutions to see if criminals have inserted “skimmers” into them.  In fact, I’ve gone into my financial institutions and asked the managers if they had heard about these types of “skimmers” and whether they periodically check for them.  These “skimmers” will read and steal the credit and debit card information on cards inserted into ATM “skimmers.”

Now Brian Krebs has written about another version of this scam — “skimmers” that are attached to gas pumps.  These “skimming” devices are stealing customers’ debit card information (www.krebsonsecurity; “Foiling Pump Skimmers With GPS”; May 4th).

Mr. Krebs advises that consumers don’t need to be as worried about the gas pump “skimmers” as they should be about those inserted into ATM machines.  However, he does say that consumers who use debit cards to pay for their gas could have their card information compromised; using a credit card is a better practice when paying for gas.

Also, he has an excellent resource for consumers who want to learn more about skimmers and protecting their personal financial information.  It’s titled “All About Skimmers” and can be found on his website.