Vacation season has started and that often means rushing to get everything done before heading out.  It also means remembering that the vacation season gives criminals even more opportunities to steal personal information. I’ve written several blogs over the years about the ways in which this can happen and the precautions individuals should take before and during vacations.

Rather than re-posting my prior blogs, I’m recommending an excellent article by John Zorabedian that pulls together several of the key steps that travelers should take.  For example, he reminds travelers to use caution when using public Wi-Fi spots and to turn off geo-tagging and geolocation on phones and other devices.  His April 20th article is titled “5 online privacy and security tips for travelers” and can be found at:

The tips in Mr. Zorabedian’s article are important, should be followed and are easy to do.  Don’t let criminals ruin your vacation by helping them know where you are, what you’re doing and gaining access to other personal and sensitive information.