There have been several news reports over the last 10 days about  It was reported that the website was releasing consumer personal data to 3rd-party commercial sites.  In her January 26th article, Marianne Kolbasuk McGee reports on the changes that have been made following the outcry from privacy advocates about this situation (; “ Makes Privacy Fixes”).

A spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that HHS was adding a layer of encryption to in order to reduce the amount of personal information that was being made available to the 3rd-party commercial sites.  It was reported that this personal information was being released to at least 14 3rd-party commercial sites.  And this was happening even for consumers who had enabled “Do Not Track” on their computers.

Consumers using should be aware that some of their personal information might already have been released.  They should be on the alert for unwanted ads, solicitations and even scams.