Consumers can thank Julia Angwin and Mike Tigas for getting a company to stop using a hidden cookie.  On January 14th, they wrote an article about Turn using a hidden undeleted number that could be used to track consumers (; “Zombie Cookie: The Tracking Cookie That You Can’t Kill”).  Ms. Angwin and Mr. Tigas posted an update on January 16th letting readers know that following their January 14th article, Turn said it will suspend using its zombie cookie.

What is this zombie cookie?  It’s a hidden number that can’t be deleted.  Verizon uses it to monitor its customers habits on their smartphone and tablets.  Turn was using the Verizon number to respawn the tracking cookies that users had deleted — or rather, that users thought they had deleted.

I wrote previously about this zombie cookie.  Users had complained about getting unwanted ads when they thought they had deleted tracking cookies.  AT&T stopped using the number back in November but Verizon is still using it.

But thanks to Ms. Angwin and Mr. Tigas, at least one more company isn’t using the zombie cookie to the detriment of consumers.