My “scam filter” is picking up more and more scam emails which is sadly typical for this time of year.  As I’ve written about before, the scammers know consumers are rushed during the holidays and they count on consumers not having the time to check out the validity of the rush of incoming emails.

So this is just a reminder to try and be extra alert during this holiday season.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has an article that nicely summarizes the steps consumers can take to protect themselves.  They range from “watch your packages” to “check out a new company or merchant” with whom a consumer might be dealing for the first time.  As for the latter, the BBB article lists the link to their reviews so that consumers can see if a company or merchant is legitimate.

The BBB article is titled “Santa Knows Who’s Naughty and Nice, and So Does BBB”.  It can be found at: and is a handy guide — it’s succinct enough to be read quickly yet provides just the kind of “reminders” so that consumers can try and avoid being scammed throughout the year but especially during the holidays.