As Uber grows in popularity, it is also coming under scrutiny both nationally and internationally.  Senator Al Franken is now looking into Uber’s use of its customers data. He isn’t too pleased with the response he’s gotten so far as Tim Hornyak reports (; “US Senator Al Franken unhappy with Uber answers on user data”).

Mr. Hornyak writes that the Senator sent Uber a list of questions about the ways in which customer data is collected, retained and protected, including geolocation data.  He asked Uber to explain how it’s handling customer data under the “legitimate business purposes” included in the Uber Privacy Policy.

Uber’s General Counsel, Katherine Tassi, responded, in part, that Uber keeps most of the information collected from customers in their accounts and retains that information until an account’s settled after a customer cancels.

It will be interesting to see whether Senator Franken will be able to elicit more specifics from Uber.  Until he does, Uber customers should read or re-read the Uber Privacy Policy to make sure they understand, and are comfortable with, the ways in which their data is being retained and used.