The Pew Research Center has an ongoing Internet Project that looks at an array of technology, privacy and Internet issues from the public perspective.  Pew Research Center recently issued a report as well as a quick WebIQ quiz — both of these caught my eye.

Their report is titled “What Internet Users Know About Technology and the Web.”  In issuing that report (based on a nation-wide survey), the Pew Research Center also posted a short, 12 question “Web IQ Quiz ” that allows Internet users to assess their own knowledge about technology and the Web.

On their website, the Pew Research Center suggests readers first take the “Web IQ Quiz” before reading the full report.  So, with some trepidation, I did just that.  The 12 questions are straightforward and do assess a user’s knowledge about past and current Web and technology issues.  It was very interesting taking the quiz and then seeing where my results placed me among others who had also done so.  How did I do?  I’m happy to say I correctly answered on 10 out of the 12 questions.

I encourage people to find the time to take the WebIQ Quiz and then read, or skim, the full report.  Links to the WebIQ Quiz and the full report can be found at: