It was bad enough learning in September that 56 million credit cards were impacted by hackers who got into Home Depot’s payment systems.  Now we’re learning that there were also 53 million addresses that were also stolen during that hack.  Lee Munson reports that troubling news in a recent article (“53 million email addresses stolen in Home Depot breach”;; November 7th).

That same article reports the only good news about this breach, i.e. that Home Depot’s investigation found that no passwords, personal information or additional payment card information had been stolen and/or compromised by the hackers.  That’s small comfort but hardly reassuring given this latest discovery.

Home Depot is also warning customers to be alert for any phishing scams that could happen using the stolen email addresses.

I previously wrote that Home Depot, among other retailers, is now going to be installing the chip-and-PIN technology in all of its stores.

These privacy and security improvements cannot happen fast enough for Home Depot customers.