Facebook users are about to see even more ads being targeted for them.  Sometime during the week of September 29th, Facebook will launch its new Atlas advertising platform which is the re-engineered version of the current Atlas Advertiser Suite.

What will the new Atlas do and what does this mean for Facebook users?  Marketers will be be able to do better and easier targeting of ads to users and will be able to measure the ads across the web.  As described by Jack Marshall in the Wall Street Journal (online.wsj.com; “Facebook Extends Reach With New Advertising Platform”; September 22nd) and Charlie Osborne for Between the Lines (www.zdnet.com; “Facebook to unveil new ad platform to track users across multiple devices”; September 23rd), marketers will be able to see which ads Facebook users look at, the ads with which they use to interact and which ads influence the purchases Facebook users make.

Not only will this mean more precisely targeted ads.  As the above authors report, Facebook hopes that Atlas will allow linking between ad interactions with Facebook accounts so that users can be tracked “anonymously” across and between multiple devices.  The example used by Ms. Osborne is that a marketer could use Atlas to track a Facebook user and see if she makes a purchase using her PC after seeing an ad on her smartphone.

People have different attitudes towards being tracked and receiving targeted ads.  It will be important for Facebook users to keep posted on how Facebook informs users about Atlas.  Some Facebook users might want to recheck their current Facebook privacy settings if they want to limit the types and volume of ads that are, or will be, popping up.