Facebook users will want to know about, and use, the latest privacy control that’s just been announced and will start rolling out soon.  This is a blue dinosaur that will pop up on users’ computer screens.   The tool will help users review their current Facebook privacy settings and, if desired, make any updates or changes to those settings.  It is a helpful way for Facebook users to be even more privacy pro-active.

Graham Cluley’s done an article about this latest feature and includes screen shots of the blue dinosaur (newsletter@grahamcluley.com; “Facebook’s privacy dinosaur will check your settings for you”; September 6th).  The screen shots provide users with the option either of using the feature or not; if selected, the review show take only about one to two minutes.

Mr. Cluley urges Facebook users to select the “Let’s Do It!” option since the relatively easy process allows Facebook users to be doubly sure that they are sharing their information with the people with whom they want do.  As he notes, it will be easy for Facebook users to review both the people with whom they’re sharing information as well as any 3rd-party Facebook apps with whom the user is connected.  These reviews will allow Facebook users to confirm and/or refine these settings.

Using the new blue dinosaur is a way for Facebook users to augment their privacy.  But, as Mr. Cluley notes, Facebook users shouldn’t use the “Privacy Checkup” instead of, or as a substitute for, routinely doing their own checks and reviews of their Facebook privacy settings.