The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) knows that more and more consumers are using mobile devices for accessing financial services, transacting banking and other financial activities and managing their personal finances.  To help consumers, the CFPB, on June 11th, issued a very helpful guide titled “Tips when using mobile devices for financial services” (  This one pager is an excellent resource.

Here’s a short summary of the CPFB’s top 6 consumer tips for using mobile devices in a safer way for financial transactions:

  1. Set up alerts on the mobile device(s) and always check account balances;
  2. Protect personal information and be cautious about accessing financial accounts or conducting financial transactions on a mobile device shared with someone else;
  3. Use strong passwords and don’t save them on phones;
  4. Immediately report the loss or theft of a mobile device to every financial institution and financial service used;
  5. Always use secure websites or apps; and
  6. Always remember to delete sensitive information when replacing an existing phone or device with a new one.

As the CFPB notes, some of these tips might be obvious but that doesn’t make them any less important or valuable to remember to do.