There are many consumers who use various LifeLock services.  They will want to know about a recent security scare with the LifeLock wallet app.  Excellent details about this scare are found in an article by Graham Cluley and a blog post by Todd Davis, LifeLock’s Chairman and CEO.

Mr. Cluley wrote about the fact that LifeLock very recently deleted all of the user data from its iPhone and Android apps (; “LifeLock pulls its wallet apps and deletes user data after security scare”).  In his blog, Mr. Davis wrote that LifeLock deleted all of this stored  user information from its services after the company found that its apps didn’t meet or comply with the security standards set by the payment card industry (; “An Important Update About LifeLock Wallet”).

Mr. Davis wrote that no user data has been compromised so that wasn’t what caused the company to take this action.  He also said that nothing has affected the LifeLock subscription identity theft protection services.

However, consumers who do use LifeLock services, especially the wallet app, will want to read Mr. Cluley’s article and Mr. Davis’ blog. This is a case where consumers will want to be fully informed about what has or hasn’t happened to their personal, and often sensitive, information.