Here’s some timely and important news for consumers using Internet Explorer.  Last Thursday, May 1st, Microsoft issued the patch to fix the Internet Explorer vulnerability that had just been found.  The patch is for all versions of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft also issued the security patch for Windows XP  even though it had already announced it was no longer going to support it.  They are doing so, per their announcement, because of the security issue happening so close to the end of this support.

What do consumers have to do to get the security patch?  Nothing for those who have automatic updates turned on.  Consumers who don’t get automatic updates will need to click on the “Check for Updates” button on the Windows Update portion of their Control Panel to access and install the security patch.

More details about the security patch can be found in a blog written by Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Trustworthy Computing for Microsoft on their official website (; “Updating Internet Explorer and Driving Security”; May 1st).  Lance Ulanoff wrote an informative article about this issue and whether the security patch is coming too late (; “Internet Explorer Gets Its Security Patch, and So Does Windows XP”; May 1st).

Consumers who use Internet Explorer but don’t get automatic updates need to follow the Microsoft directions and install the patch as soon as possible.