Yet another major retailer has been hit with a breach of its payment system.  This one has been in the news but the scope and scale of the breach has just been announced.

This breach is at Michaels the large arts and crafts retailer.  Michaels corporation also owns the Aaron Brothers stores and the breach also affected payments at these stores.

How big is the breach?  Michaels just announced on April 17th that its investigation found that payment accounts of nearly 3 million payment cards could be involved.   What makes this worse is that Michaels announced back in January that it had found suspicious activity  but waited until now to reveal the full impact.

Tracy Kitten has an excellent article discussing both the scope of the breach as well as Michaels very delayed news are discussed (; “Michaels: Why So Long to Report Breach?”).  Equally important for consumers, that article has a link to the list of Michaels and Aaron Brothers stores that are affected by the breach.  Anyone who has shopped at any of these stores from early May 2013 through January 2014 will want to go to the article to see the stores that are affected.

Also, anyone who has shopped at a Michaels and/or Aaron Brothers store should start — and keep — checking credit card  and bank statements for suspicious charges.  Suspicious charges need to be contested immediately.