I just got an email allegedly from Verizon Customer support.  It’s spam and I want to alert Verizon email customers about it.

The subject line is “Verizon Webmail: Security Alert” and the message reads as follows:

“Dear Verizon Customer<Security@Verizon.net>

Your Verizon  Email Account will be suspended in a short while as your spam quota has become full.

Click here to clean your spam quota now and avoid suspension.”

Don’t do it!  I suspected this was spam because the email looked like a cut and paste job.  There were none of the Verizon logos (e.g., no red banner, no swoosh) and the closing line was “Regards,” followed by the word “Copyright”, then a ? inside a diamond shape followed by 2014 Verizon!Inc. All rights reserved.

I just confirmed with a Verizon technical staff member that there’s nothing wrong with my email account.  I forwarded this spam email to the Verizon division responsible for these issues.  If you get this spam email, forward it to abuse@verizon.net as Verizon needs to hear from its customers about these issues.