I couldn’t access any of the links on Forbes.com in order to change my password.  I decided to see if I’d have any success by directly contacting a Forbes.com official.  So I did so on February 18th and was very pleased that a Senior Vice President responded very quickly to me and provided an update as well as a copy of the email being sent out over the name of Mike Perlis, the Forbes Chief Executive Officer. I also then got Mr. Perlis’ email that was sent out to everyone whose Forbes.com. password had been hacked.

Here’s the latest news from Mr. Perlis’ email:

  • His email is going out to all of the readers with a Forbes.com account since all of the passwords were exposed;
  • In his email, Mr. Perlis said that “…no credit card information or subscription details were revealed”;
  • The log-in functionality has been disabled and all of the passwords have been invalidated;
  • Forbes.com readers won’t be able to access their accounts or add comments to the site while the log-in functionality is disabled;
  • Readers will be getting a follow-up email when the log-in functionality is reopened; that email will contain instructions about how readers can reset their passwords to a different one.

Mr. Perlis’ email closed with the same warning that others have expressed.  He wrote “…be cautious about interacting with email, especially from senders that are unknown to you, as the list of email addresses may be used in phishing attacks or scams.”