I spent November 6th and 7th attending the 2013 Conference of the Family Online Safety Institute(FOSI).  FOSI is an international non-profit organization whose mission is making the online world safer for kids and their parents. The conference was outstanding with experts offering concrete approaches that can be used by parents, guardians, teachers, kids and anyone who wants to make the online world safer for kids and young adults.

The speakers offered ideas about approaches being used in the United States and abroad to help young people pro-actively protect their privacy.  Several speakers highlighted the creative and pro-active ways in which teens, in particular, are protecting their privacy.   Corporate and non-profit exhibitors (e.g., National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Microsoft, AT&T, National Cable & Telecommunications Association) participated and provided materials on their efforts in this area.  The pressing issue of cyberbullying and its many facets was among the top topics being addressed.

Getting educational materials and support to parents, guardians, teachers and kids was one of the key overarching themes.  The encouraging news is that FOSI, its supporters and conference sponsors offer an array of materials available for kids, parents, teachers, organizations and anyone concerned about online safety.

To that end, I encourage parents, guardians, teachers and others who are interested to look at the FOSI website (www.fosi.org) and browse through its publications as well as its new project “A Platform for Good.”