This is a “heads up” about Facebook’s Friday, November 15th Privacy Policy announcement.  I had previously written about the proposed Privacy Policy changes that Facebook announced back in August. While some of those changes have been deleted, the key change has now been made final — and it’s a change about which Facebook users need to be aware.

What’s the change?  By having a Facebook account, users are agreeing that Facebook can use their personal posts, photos, location and other personal information for advertising. Vindu Goel wrote an excellent article about the Privacy Policy changes and how they fit into Facebook’s overall business plan.  He wrote that the changes are part of a broader effort by Facebook of “…pushing its users to share more data while also making that information easier to find” (www,”; “Facebook Reasserts Posts Can Be Used to Advertise)”.

Facebook users should also read the November 15th blog by Erin Egan, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, Policy (; “Updates to Data Use Policy, Statement of Rights and Responsibilities Take Effect”).  In brief, Ms. Egan said that “…nothing about this update changes advertising policies and practices….”   She wrote that the changes only clarified Facebook’s prior policies.

Ms. Egan’s lengthy blog outlines many areas about which Facebook users need to be aware (e.g., use of tags, advertising, setting changes). Facebook users might not mind having their posted information used in ads but they should know what is being done — and what, if anything, they can do about it.  I also encourage Facebook users to periodically visit the Facebook “Site Governance” and “Privacy” pages to keep current on any future policy changes.