I just got an email this morning appearing to be from Verizon but more likely it’s a sophisticated phishing scam.  Verizon email customers must be on the alert ASAP for this email.  I didn’t hit the “CLICK HERE” link because it likely would steal personal information or install malware.

I immediately called and spoke with a Verizon customer service representative.  I asked him about today’s email as well as the one I got on October 13th from Verizon.  He checked and said the October 13th one (about an email service outage) was legitimate.   Per his request, I sent today’s phishing email to “abuse@verizon.net”.

Today’s phishing email comes from— and this is verbatim — “VERIZON ADMIN<notifications@verizon.com”.  The subject line is: ALERT!!! UPDATE YOUR WEBMAIL”.   Here’s the verbatim message from the phishing email:

“Attention!!! Email User,

Our Verizon Admin lab discovered you are using 2.5GB space of your email instead of 2GB due to unwanted spam littering your emails and it’s content containing virus.  You will be unable to receive new email, loss important information in your webmail or cause limited access to it if you don’t update your Verizon webmail.  To update your webmail immediately,


Yours in Service

Admin Help Desk”

Here are the “red flags”:

  • The phishing email’s grammatical errors [e.g., “it’s” instead of “its”; the word “loss” instead of “lose”];
  • The phishing email has the Verizon v-swoosh but it’s larger than on a legitimate Verizon email;
  • The phishing email is missing the color bars at the top and bottom of a legitimate Verizon email;
  • The phishing email is addressed “Attention!!! Email User” while the legitimate Verizon email is addressed “Dear Valued Verizon Customer”;
  • The phishing email reads “2013.Sunbeach.net” at the bottom while a legitimate Verizon email has @2013Verizon.

Don’t fall for this scam!  Do not hit the “CLICK HERE” button and do forward it to the “abuse@verizon.net”.