Last year, Facebook announced that it was going to start removing one of the functions under its privacy settings.  The function, “Who can look up your timeline by name?”, allowed Facebook users to block their profiles from appearing in searches.  When Facebook started implementing the shutdown of this function, it first deleted it from the Privacy settings of people who hadn’t yet enabled it.

Elizabeth Dwoskin and Evelyn M. Rusli posted an article today about the fact that Facebook is in the last stages of taking down this function (; “Facebook Makes It Harder to Hide”).   Facebook is reminding users who have enabled it that this “Timeline” feature is going to be completely taken down.  Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Michael Richter posted a “reminder” blog on October 10th (; “Reminder: Finishing the Removal of an Old Search Setting”).  In that blog, Mr. Richter explains that Facebook users will be seeing reminders over the coming weeks about the dismantling of this particular privacy setting.

Going forward, Facebook users who want to be hidden from searches will have to mark their “timelines” with the “friends only” function.

Just another reminder that Facebook users need to keep current on the changes Facebook is making to its privacy settings.