I got a fake Bank of America email yesterday and wanted to alert everyone about it.  Plus, someone I know got a similar one from American Express.  There are likely other scam emails being circulated but I wanted to give everyone a fast “heads up” about these two.

The fake Bank of America email looked very legit — had the real Bank of America logo and type face.  It’s the kind of scam that tries to scare recipients into divulging personal and financial information.  It starts out by saying that I’m being contacted because of several unsuccessful attempts to access my account from remote locations.  It then has the scary information in bold print that my account will be deactivated if I don’t immediately update my account.  Then there’s a link captioned “Update Your Account” where I was supposed to do so.

But I didn’t because I knew this was a scam attempt to get personal and/or financial information. How did I know?  First, because I don’t have a Bank of America account.  Second, because it started out “Dear Valued Customer” — a dead giveaway.  When I do receive legitimate emails from my bank or credit card, it starts out with my name.

What did I do?  What I didn’t do is  open the “Update My Account” link because I didn’t want to risk having malware embedded into my computer by doing so.   I immediately sent the email to “trash”.   I also found the “reporting fraud” link on the legitimate Bank of America website.  I forwarded the email to that site (abuse@bankofamerica.com).  I haven’t gotten any response from Bank of America but I’m hoping someone there will look into it.

These scammers know most of us will be very concerned if we get an email saying that someone has been trying to access our account.  Don’t fall for these scams.  If you get one of these, don’t open it but do forward it to the real company.