This is just a quick update about the latest Facebook scam alert.  This one is aimed at Facebook users who might want to learn who’s been looking at their Facebook profile.  Graham Cluley wrote about this scam on July 3rd (

The scam is aimed at providing an extension to Firefox and Chrome. Mr. Cluley said the scam was discovered by Chris Boyd who is a security researcher with ThreatTrack.  There are excellent graphics on Mr. Cluley’s article depicting the graphics that are being used (see,;  “Facebook profile view scams circulate, install suspicious extensions to mess with Firefox and Chrome”; July 3).  In his article, Mr. Cluley provides a link to Mr. Boyd’s blog at ThreatTrack so you can get even more details about the scam.

What will happen if you do use the suspect extension?  Mr. Boyd and his ThreatTrack colleagues are still exploring what will happen.  But  Mr. Cluley notes that while the full impact of the extension isn’t yet known, what is clear is that “…it’s intentions are not good.”  He writes that prior “rogue Firefox extensions” have led users to become victims of a variety of scams and malware.

So Facebook users should take the time to read Mr. Cluley’s blog and get informed.  At a minimum, remember his warning that Facebook users can’t learn who’s been looking at their profiles.  If you want to learn more about other Facebook scams, Mr. Cluley has a link to his security news page where he talks about the latest Facebook scams.