I’ve posted numerous blogs about phishing scams — what they are, how to recognize them, how to try and avoid them and what to do if you become a victim.  It’s galling how many new scams, and variations on old ones, are out there.

The scams might differ slightly but the scammers all want the same thing, i.e., getting personal and financial information to reap their own financial rewards and often wreck havoc for the unsuspecting consumer.

We all have to be vigilant.  So I’m pleased to tell you about two new resources that the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) has created to help consumers recognize and fight back against phishing scams.  The two resources are a guide, “Slam the Door on Phishing Scams”, and a video that depicts a consumer doing just that.  I reviewed both resources which are outstanding and were produced with support from Visa, Inc.

The  “Slam the Door on Phishing Scams” guide concisely summarizes key information on two pages.  In addition to describing the most common types of phishing scams, it also provides tips to help consumers know the steps to take if they do become victims. Additionally, the guide contains links to other helpful resources (e.g., other agencies and services).  The video packs a great deal of information into just over 2 1/2 minutes.  The video is well done, funny and is worth watching either by itself or in in conjunction with the “Slam the Door on Phishing Scams” guide.

I read about these new resources on the CFA’s identity theft information website (www.idtheftinfo.org; “Slam the Door on Phishing Scams”). Information about, and links to, both resources can be found on either CFA’s identity theft website under the heading “Protect Yourself” or on CFA’s main website at http://www.consumerfed.org/fraud.

I highly recommend both resources.  Separately or together,the resources provide concrete tips so consumers can be better equipped to recognize and avoid phishing scams.