This is a “heads up” in case you’re interested in sharing your thoughts with TSA about the full-body scanners used for screening passengers at airports.  We all want to be safe and secure so that’s the proverbial “no brainer”.  But you might have questions or concerns that you’ve wanted to share but haven’t known how to do so.  Now you have that chance thanks to a lawsuit that was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (Court).

The Court ruled that TSA should have held a “notice and comment” period prior to starting to use the full-body scanners.  The Court hasn’t stopped TSA from continuing to use these scanners but has ordered them to take comments for 90 days.  The comment period began in March and ends June 24th.

So now’s your chance to share your thoughts with the TSA about the full-body scanners.  Comments are being taken online and you can do so at the following federal government website:  At that site, you’ll then type in the case code: TSA-2013-0004.

The Court-ordered comment period has been written about in many publications. Here are just 2 recent articles but there are many others: T.C. Sottek’s, “Now is your chance to tell the TSA what you think of ‘nude’ full-body scanners”(;and Hugo Martin’s “Public gets chance to comment on TSA’s full-body scanners” (

A final caveat: no matter how many comments it gets, TSA doesn’t have to stop using the full-body scanners.  But it will be better informed about concerns thanks to hearing from the public.