Facebook and the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) announced this week a joint privacy public awareness campaign that will include public service announcements (PSAs) and other informational resources.  The campaign is aimed at young people and teenagers using Facebook; it’s an effort to educate them more about steps they can, and should, take to stay safe on Facebook.

Zach Miners outlined several of the key components in a recent article (www.csoonline.com; “Facebook affirms its privacy commitment with national campaign”; April 15, 2013). Mr. Miners wrote that there are currently 19 Attorneys General who have signed onto this joint privacy safety program.

The privacy safety program will include the following resources:

  •  “Ask the Safety Team” videos that provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions the Facebook site’s received over the past few years;
  • A tip sheet outlining the top 10 tools for controlling information on the Facebook site; and
  • State-specific PSAs that will be done by the State’s respective Attorney General and Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

All of these resources will be found on Facebook’s Safety page; the PSAs are in the process of being finished so should be posted on the Facebook site within the next few days.  I went to Facebook’s Safety page yesterday and the PSAs were not yet posted. The Safety page does list answers to important questions under the categories of “Reporting on Facebook” and “Controlling my information on Facebook”.

The questions and answers listed on the Facebook Safety page are an important resource for everyone who uses Facebook and wants to have more control over the information posted on their Facebook page.  You can learn, for example, how to report possible misuses (e.g., hacking a personal Facebook account; instances of possible bullying) and how to better control personal information on Facebook (e.g., how to manage privacy settings to keep one’s family safe online).

The current and upcoming privacy safety resources are, and will be, helpful for anyone using Facebook.  They are particularly important resources for young and teenagers users of Facebook.  Take the time to read the Facebook Safety page and review it with any young and teenage Facebook users you know.