Many people are enjoying using Skype as it makes communications more personal and immediate.  What Skype users might not know, and what I’ve just learned, is that Skype also makes users Internet addresses visible to the world.  I learned about this in Brian Krebs’ recent article (; “Privacy 101:Skype Leaks Your Location”).

In his article, Mr. Krebs includes a screen shot of one of these services. It’s called “Anonymous Resolver” and Mr. Krebs describes how someone using this service  (or similar services or tools) can find and display the Internet address most recently used by a particular Skype account.  He cautions that this type of service will “…work regardless of any privacy settings the target user may have selected within the Skype program’s configuration panel.”   So what could happen? Mr. Krebs notes that someone’s Internet connection could be subject to attacks and that there could be even more serious consequences (e.g., being able to follow where someone is going).

I’m not suggesting people stop using Skype, but only that they should understand, as Mr. Krebs explains, the privacy implications when doing so.