You may have already read the articles about the just discovered security flaw on the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.1.  In case you haven’t, I want to bring it to your attention.

The flaw and its’ discovery are outlined in two excellent February 14th articles by Aaron Souppouris (, “iPhone lockscreen can be bypassed with new iOS 6.1 trick”) and Doug Gross (, “Security flaw allows snoopers to access locked iPhones”).

As described by Mr. Souppouris and Mr. Gross, the flaw is demonstrated in a YouTube video posted back on January 31st, but just recently found by some tech bloggers.  The flaw can be exploited on the iPhone 5 and on phones running Apple’s iOS 6.1 as well as some earlier Apple iOS versions.  What happens if your phone’s password is hacked?  As the authors write, the hacker can make calls from your phone, listen to your most recent messages and fool around with your contact list.  The good news is that the security flaw can’t be used to access other parts of your phone.

Each article reports that Apple said (on February 14th) that it’s aware of the problem and that a fix will be delivered in future software updates.

Until that fix is issued, however, be aware of anything odd happening on your iPhone (e.g., changes in your contact list) or other issues.  Mr. Souppouris’ article has some good screen shots that are helpful in understanding the problem.

And just a reminder to keep an eye out for Apple iOS software updates.