Just a quick “heads up” about an access problem that occurred yesterday.

Some users experienced problems on Sunday, December 30th when they tried logging onto TwitPic or Twitter using Google Chrome.  Google Chrome’s malware detector identified what seemed to be malware so blocked access either to TwitPic or a site that relies on the Google Chrome browser.  It appears the problem’s been fixed and that Google has removed the block.

Users can either:

  • access feeds using other services and social-sharing apps for which Google Chrome isn’t needed; or
  • use Google Chrome and go directly to TwitPic.com or visit a Twitter page that relies on Google Chrome to see if the block is gone.

Emil Protalinski has written a very helpful article providing details about the problem, the fix and several ways users can confirm that the block has been removed (“Google blocks TwitPic over alleged malware, causing Chrome to deny access to some Twitter pages [Update.Fixed], the next web.com).  Kenneth Rosen’s article on maskable.com also provides useful background about this problem.

Hope the problem’s been fixed so it doesn’t interfere with posting holiday photos.

Have a very happy, healthy and safe New Year!